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Mid-Term Break

Seamus Heaney

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Added by: help
The bells knelling classes to a close is a metaphor for the funeral bells closing heaneys brothers life to a close
Added by: Adam Osborne
Heaney is speaking FROM an objective view in the poem as he refers to his dead brother as 'the corpse'. He doesn't want to be personally involved
A fantastic poem; i wish we would study this rathe
Added by: Hannah
I love this poem, as it echoes the different stages of grief. From the disbelief of it all, to when it finally sets in that his baby brother has died.
I like the way Heaney has used the imagery of his brother simply being asleep. As he finds it hard to understand that his brother, a young boy with his whole life ahead of him, has been hit by a car and killed.
When you get to the final line, it hits you hard and has all the impact on the reader that it was intended to.
A beautiful piece of poetry, which I identify with, as my father died when i was younger.
Mid term Break
Added by: Nick MacKinnon
Work out exactky how the child came by the fatal injury to his temple, and when you have done so explain why it is precisely his left temple which has the injury. The poem can be read almost as a mystery story!
heanys greatest poem
Added by: Ciarán Maguire
I have studied Seamus heany's poetry in secondary school and i love every word of his poems. But i believe Mid-term break is his finest. It conveys in greata detail the the devastation which a the death of a young person can bring! and the way in which his brother was killed only amplifies the effects it had on heany. The final line is one so short but full of very effective words. 'a four foot box, a foot for every year'. this hammers home the innocence of the child, who had all his life ahead of him.
a very touching poem
Added by: tayzee beer
this poem is a very touching one as it portrays the feeelings that heaney when his brother died, i felt that i could realy get into tune with the poem as i have a younger brother of four years of age.
Added by: Donna
I love the use of symbolism in the poem. The poppy bruise standing for violent and untimely death just ties in so well
Good one Seamus
Added by: Hana
After reading this poem at school, I found it to be an extremely mind provoking exertion. It made me think of the value of life and on some level I tried to relate to young Seamus' experience of his younger brother's death. I never knew that one poem could say so much...in such a dense amount of text
Added by: piano player
i love this poem. I live in the town heaney grew up in, and i currently attend the school he went to. Many times i have seen the scene of the first stanza of the poem, where he is waiting, as young boy, to return home to horrible news. I think this brings it home to me that it's not a made up story, it's real and that's what makes it so simple and powerful.
Added by: Morgan Klein
Does anyone else see a relation between the father who is crying and "had always taken funerals in his stride" and the son who has been killed by the car? Could this be a representation of his involvement in the accident? It could add an interesting twist to an already exceptional poem.

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