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Mid-Term Break

Seamus Heaney

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Added by: Fatpig
The last line is made up of one syllable words (besides every) which help emphasise the young age of the victim.
Added by: Christina
I doubt the father is crying because he feels responsible (even though he might be), I think he is just crying because he has lost one of the most important persons of his life, and he deeply misses his presence.
the poem
Added by: coll
this poem was quite sad.The last line makes you feel emotional as it tells you that henaeys little brother was only 4 years old and got killed by a speeding car.
Added by: Elle
I'm currently studying Seamus Heaney as part of IGCSE for school, but Mid-Term Break is not one of the poems my class are studying. I'd heard about the poem from my friends, and read various Heaney articles which proclaimed this poem as his best, so made the decision to read it purely out of curiousity. WoW. A very moving poem, and quite different from the earthy poems of his we are studying (Digging, Blackberry Picking, Death of a Naturalist, An Advancement of Learning...). Just wondering, although this is probably a dumb question, is it based on truth?
Added by: Lucy
Mid-Term Break was one of Heaney's poems I have studied for G.C.S.E and I enjoyed analising this poem not only because of its sadness and anger but because there was a deeper meaning to why the poem was wrote. A truly individual and interesting way of expressing emotion.
Added by: sgs
i am rally moved by seamus heaneys poem, i having been reading his poems for the last few weeks. i have read following,digging,an advancement of learning ad churning day. by all these poems i am moved, the past still haunts him, he still has confilct whether to become a farmer or a poet. He writes about his past memories and decisions that he has had to make.
Incredible poem.
Added by: Ann Margaret
Heaney portrays a sense of detatchment all throughout the poem -- perhaps a result of him being away in boarding school at the time -- until the last stanza where he is alone with his brother. Here, his brother finally becomes HIS brother and not just a "body" or "corpse".
The last line is the climax of the poem although nothing happens. We are made aware of exactly how old his brother is and it is the only time that Heaney uses a proper rhyming scheme througout the poem. This adds a double emphasis that really leaves it engraved in your mind.
Added by: Lisa G.
This poem is powerful because it's real. It's real because it is plain. It's plain because it doesn't probe the poet's feelings. It doesn't probe the poet's feelings because he probably wasn't aware of them. What he was aware of was what was going on around him, so this is what he described in the poem. This allows the reader to really feel the impact of the tragedy from the poet's standpoint. The enormity of the shock on Heaney can be seen from the way his brain can't fully absorb it yet.
Fantastic Poem
Added by: Blink 182 fan
I love Heaney's poems but find "Mid-Term break" the best. I studied this for standard grade and currenty doing it for Higher. The more i study it the more detail i get out of this, its truely amazing. I like how he gets straight to the point of it being a sad poem telling us in the second line "counting bells knelling classes to close" this is a great use of alliteration
Henaney rocks man
Added by: Maria
i think its way sad too, the way the kid dies and all, i am doing him for a level english literature and i like cried and everything wenever i read this....touching.

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