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Carl Sandburg

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Added by: Cally
I think that fog is a really deep poem. It may be really short, but still the whole poem is a metaphor. It really captured the look of the harbor on a early morning, with the fog hanging right over the ocean. It also has a wonderful ending. Fog moves on, just like life does, i think that he was comparing the poem to life.
the silence of fog
Added by: Luke
I think a strong part of this piece is the emphasis on the silence of fog. The imagery produced from a few simple words is enormously complex. Fog is shown here as noiseless, silent, and swift. From this display of Sandburg's brilliance, we can easily extrapolate a new meaning or new view of something as simple as fog. After all, that's a big part of poetry, right?--Looking at something from a new perspective...
Added by: Louey
I think that the poem "fog" is like a hiku, capturing a moment. I also feel that the poet isn't referring to the fog when he writes "It sits looking over harbour and city on silent haunches and then moves on" I beleive that he is referring to the cat watching the city. It sits in the early morning, captures the moment and then moves on. I came to this conclusion because of the way the poem is seperated. The first 2 lines refer to the fog. Then, the poem is seperated because it is now about the cat. Thats just what i think, personlly.
Added by: luba Slutsky
Fog a poem by Carl Sandburg

When I first read this poem I love it right away. This poem painted a thousand images in my mind. The second time I red it seemed so mysterious and I read it in whispering kind of tone, there is a simile here the author gave characteristic of a cat to fog, because there is some similarity between the cats and the fog, the come whenever they want and go in a second. They both are very mysterious and quiet.
There are some sounds in the poem which emphasize the silentness, like: s, f, h. I think that the poem divided to 3 parts: the beginning, then body the action and the end: A. The fog comes
on little cat feet.
B. It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
C. and then moves on.
First the fog comes like a cat, it looks and moves on. In my opinion the “b” part is the longest one, because of the state of being of the fog/ cat, it is there and it is looking on us. I think that fog is a really deep poem. It may be really short, but still the whole poem is a metaphor. I see a picture on a deep night, or may be early morning and there is fog on the harbor on the sea and on the city. But on the other point of view it may be a cat, a street cat, the cat watching the city and moves on. May be he tried to say that there is some one silent which watching us. It also has a wonderful ending. “and then moves on”, like life is.
short grammar lesson
Added by: Lisa G.
That's an interesting opinion, but I don't think it's right. For one thing, no cat is mentioned in the poem, only the fog which is being compared to a cat and which is the subject of the poem. There is no reason to believe that the "it" in the second stanza refers to anything other than the fog which was the subject of the previous sentence. That's how pronouns work, you know. If you said, "Daisy looked like a movie star. She was wearing a blue dress," you would of course assume the person wearing the blue dress was Daisy and not a movie star.

Anyhow, this is a cute poem, but I don't think it's that deep. You can read more into it, but most of Carl Sandburg's poems are pretty straightforward.
"Fog" is probably simply about fog and how fog is catlike. I think T.S. Eliot made better use of the fog as a cat analogy in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," which was written in 1915, around the same time as "Fog."
Fog by Sandburg
Added by: Jean Patterson
The opening line of Sandburg's poem suggests a loud warning. And yet he uses an antithisis of silence in the imagery of a little kitten to demonstrate that the city will be caught unaware. He personifies the fog to accentuate the feeling of threat.The fact that the Fog sits 'looking over the habour and city' is quite frightening as it is emphasising Man's vulnerability to the elements of nature. Man has no control over the weather. Nature is beautiful but at times can be so cruel.
Added by: Jonathan
As a beginner in poetry. I do not fully understand the poem "Fog". But it sounds very inspiring.
Added by: JonRolandKratzner
I just saw his birthplace; it was very nice, especially all the quotes in the back yard.
Added by: William Bettley
I think that fog is used by carl sanburg to show a comparison between a fog and a cat.
Added by: Arthur
Six line haiku. The Japanese did it shorter and better

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