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Porphyria's Lover

Robert Browning

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Added by: Lily Lewis
I think the Fact he killed her with her hair relates to the fact their relationship would not work because of the class difference and that is why he hurt so bad and killed her. Middle class girls are not allowed to where hair down infront of men you dont no because hair was thought of being a flirty thing
porphyrias lover
Added by: jessica brierley....(nottingham)
i think this poem is really good we are studdying it at school and i really like this poem because he exspreses his felling over the women he loves and it is a weird poem because (who wud av sex with a dead body ?) but he is self deludin which means he belives she wanted to die and to die for him and he is a little worried because in the past she was not able to give herself to him and she just all asudonly say "yes" she wants sex with him and hes confused ....... im in yr 10 and i think this is the best poem iv read and studdid mi whole life... thnx you bixxxxx jessicaxxx
Added by: Hannah Simpson
Just to put an end to the debate of whether Porphyria's name relates to the disease linked with madness, disfigurement etc as has been suggested, please keep in mind that this disease was named in the 20th century, whereas the poem was written in the 19th. Therefore Browning certainly could not have had this in his mind as a reference when he wrote the poem
Added by: Amanda
This comment is concerning a previous comment made by Crystal. I think it is unfair and not intelligent for you to say that this poem is about one thing and one thing only. It is not just about him killing her so that he can have her forever - there is so much more to it than that and there is so much that you can interpret in different ways. Who's to say that he actually did love her? Could it not just be lust, and the want for something that is better than yourself? It is like us, obsessing over movie stars that we could never possibly have. We say we love them, but how can you love someone you dont truely know?

There is no point in me listing the various things this poem could be about, because they are already on the 5 previous pages. Stop thinking that you are a genious: I believe that you are close-minded and need to be more open to other ideas.
Added by: Liz
I like it, its noice, its different, its unusual...
porpharias lover
Added by: ibrahim
the poem is good to lesten for it every time and you can enjoy for the listener,hwe must killed here because she doesnt agree to go with him
Added by: jake hall
this poem shows great passion, the fact that the man loves the woman to the point of killing her to keep the last loving feeling and knowing that she cannot change it
Added by: john
I do believe that porphirias lover is a great poem. It shows the lovers possessivness and jealousy. It makes me feel warm and tingly inside.
Added by: T
porphyrias lover is an excellent love/ murder poem and i will enjoy studying it as dont everyone just love study poems?
Ofcourse its a class difference
Added by: Hannah
In reply to some earlier comments doubting whether or not Porphyria is infact of highe social class, there is so much evidence within the poem itself which requires no research . He lives in a "cottage" while she leaves a "gay feast", a banquet to be with her lover. What else could the "vain ties" be that she cannot break even for him?The bonds of her socal class and the society of her day creating the taboo of a higher/lower class relationship.Other evidence is her ethereality, the way he seems to worship her, watching every movement in obsession.And referring to her name, with a little research, her name derives from the greek word "porphyrus", meaning the colour purple, the colour of royalty and wealth.(this was due to the fact that obtaining a purple dye up until the late 19th century was extremely difficult - i think this was because it had to come from some rare underwater shell creature on the ocean - bad.....but dont quote me on that.) The name was shared by the disease due to the colour of the urine of some sufferers.
Seeming as the original title of the poem was "Mad Man's Cell" (dropped by Browning:he tought it ws alittle too obvious), the disease i feel has some importance despite that the name was officially established in the late 19th cantury. His "burning kiss" may not only be a reference to his blazing passion , but a symptom of the disease is a burning of the skin as well as anxiety, depression, spasms of insanity and other cerebral effects. In conclusion I think the title is one of the keys to interpreting this poem.

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