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Porphyria's Lover

Robert Browning

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porphyria's lover
Added by: millie
I think that the poem is about how Porphyria, the girl, has tortured him by not coming to him previously, as they are in different classes. I imagine that she is upper class and he lower class. Because of this previous torture, when she finally comes to him, he must hold her and keep her with him forever, so he kills her. The whole poem represents his inner mental torture, and the fact that he has an obsession with Porphyria.
porphyrias lover
Added by: sunny macintyre
i think this is about a man who is scared, he has waited for the moment to come where he wuld have the love of porphyria but when it comes, he is unsure of how to take it. Frightened he kills her, that way she can ever leave and he wont be insecure
Added by: Kit
I wish everyone didn't have to be so scared. It's too bad that it's come down to this. I for one am very scared; too scared in fact to come home.
The poem
Added by: Matt
This poem is a vivid and striking depiction of the two characters and their mindsets. By the time it has come to an end, we can only begin to comprehend the vastness of how the poem has portrayed the situation and events that take place.
Added by: S
We would expect that “Porphyria’s Lover” would be a typical love poem, the word ‘lover’ suggests that it is a love poem in some way and the feminine sounding name could suggest a wonderfully romantic story.
A person with a more cynical mind could get an awful lot more from just the name ‘Porphyria’. Porphyria in actual fact is a hereditary disease in which the person who has it suffers from attacks of severe pain resulting in paralysis and temporary insanity. This could suggest that the poem could be based or at least have an under tone of the theme of insanity or pain.

The disease was very prominant in the royal family in the victorian era. This could suggest that Robert Browning had a very different idea to what the poem is about.

The 'lover' couild be easily suffering from this disease and he is having a sudden attack of insanity when he kills porphyria. Or maybe porphyria doesn't even exist?!
Porphyria's lover
Added by: Amanda
Have any of you even bothered to look up what Parphyria is? Try it. It may change your whole view of the poem.
Added by: scarlett
Porphyry- means a purple, marble like rock or stone. and the name Porphyria will probably suggest that Porphyria comes from a wealthy family, and showing pure good.which everyone here has probably figured out by now.
In the line 'But passion sometimes would prevail'- this line might suggest that this love is a secretive love rather than an open love because of thei class differences.
Poor Porphyria?
Added by: sammantha
porphyria is portrayed as a young and naive woman trying to follow her heart! Her lover is mentaly un-stable or unbalanced.she has over come her socieal sticters to be with her lover.he realizes she loves him and has an overwelming feeling of confusion! he then realizes that she will eventualy return to her own society and he dosn't want that to happen! so he takes her long yellow hair, which he seems to think highly of and murders her. i personaly think that love can make a person blind and unaware of someones true motives. i dont think porphyria had even forseen that her lover was sadistic enough to murder her for love. And why are we blaming the love fully? I think that the poem sujests that she was teasing him or playing with him!! and why is it that in the poem when he was wrpping her hair around her throat she didn't struggle i think it was just to much for her so she was going to let him end it for her...
PS. my view point of the poem did change once i found out what her name ment... thanks Amanda)
My Opinion
Added by: Jamie
I think that Porphyria was already engaged in another relationship, perhaps already married since she seemed to be coming there secretly in a cloak..maybe she was never truly dedicated to her lover and when she decided it was him that she loved he didnt want anything to change that, so he killed her so she would always love him foever...her lover seemed to me kind of like a control freak
Added by: Sammy
i would just like to say to Jess
She said Porphyria's Lover is about 'keeping Porphyria pure'.
But Porphyria is having an affair, a relationship with a man below her class therefore, how can she be pure.

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