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I Crave Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Hair

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: Aspen
Neruda is a brilliant poet. The words are not so graceful in English, because the Spanish language is made for poetry more so than English. Spanish is spoken and thought differently, and while some may find Neruda's comparisons and metaphors to be awkward or just plain odd when translated (I saw that someone thought his comparison of women/food to be disrespectful... it is more that he is saying he desires this woman so much that she is sustenance, that he NEEDS her to live), in the original Spanish they are beautiful. I just wanted to add a link to this site, which has excellent translations of Cien Sonetos de Amor (100 Love Sonnets) and the original Spanish versions, which are of course, incomparable :D


Oh, and this poem is the eleventh sonnet (soneto once). And may I also recommend the seventeenth and twenty-fifth, my favourites ;P
Added by: ngork
Pablo is the best. To just merge bodily hunger with the emotion of longing for somebody, its just exquisite. I not only felt it, I tasted it. To have simply say i missed her, would have suffice. But not for Pablo Neruda.
my goodness...
Added by: Francisco Herrera
It pains me to see so many people so afraid of this poem. Love is lovely people, and when you love someone, well - if you could eat them without killing them you just probably might.

This poem is up there with 'Cuerpo de Mujer' - and whoever thought the poem was mysoginistic has problems. Sorry.
Added by: vale
this is not desperation, this is craving. i am in a long distance relationship and as soon as i read this i ran to read it to my lover. these are the words of someone separated from their heart.
Added by: Beatrice
Sara S, it's time to learn English.
Mysticeyez, it's time to get counseling for your fear of men and intimacy.

I love this poem. It's beautiful.
Added by: auroralchyld
this poem makes me hungry.

I think its identification of bodily hunger and emotional hunger--two very fundamental needs--is brilliant. Food nourishes the body; love nourishes and enriches the soul... so what's so bad about eating love? figuratively of course. =)
deeper kind of love
Added by: Ritz
This poem is incredibly deep and so penetrating. The narrator is feeling love in the deepest sense and describes it so intensely. Aah, valentines day is just around the corner.
Added by: No Name
I think people are just too guarded by their emotions to the point where they don't understand this poem. All he is doing is laying his emotions, "naked" if you will, in front of us. I think that many people are again, just too guarded by emotions. I mean, I live in a society where people freak out when they hear that someone loves someone else. People should not be afraid of expressing how they feel towards someone else. Neruda obviously doesn't care what others think. He really loves this girl. He isn't being cruel to women and stalking them, he is just madly in love with this woman and I respect that.
Added by: DON PABLO
Added by: Julia
it's not just about desperation; it's about wanting something you secretly know may not be good for you--yearning for it passionately and blindly. there is nothing soft or welcoming about his love. he describes her as savage, sleek, arrogant. he can't help but want her anyway. his is a self-destroying love, but it is the only thing that he believes can sustain him. the sublime intensity of this poem is gorgeous. neruda never fails, not even in translation.

and to the person who thinks he is disrespectful of women: are you fucking gone? have you ever read a poem in your life? food themes of nourishment and fulfillment are everywhere. food is essential to life; love is essential to life. get it? not everything is a matter of sexism, grow up please.

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