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i thank you God for most this amazing... (65)

e.e. cummings

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great poem in its simplicity
Added by: Todd Victor Leone
I note the typo in the antepenultimate line which reads "unimaginably" and should read "unimaginable."

This poem has been set to music as an anthem for choir (SATB). I frequently sing my own solo version of it in the morning as I'm getting ready for work.
is this all?
Added by: Cori
is this all of the poem? b/c i found a longer version on another site and i'm not sure if it is the true thing. thanx. plz e-mail b/c i don't know how to get back to this site.
Added by: caree
i love this poem. it just seems so joyful. not like jumping up and down, but like inner peace kind of joy. "the leaping greenly spirits of trees" is like theyre fresh and alive and glad to be alive. but i still dont understand it all. help!
Added by: Louise
I've always felt this poem as a prayer to the world as God. In the morning, walking out the door of my house and into the green of my farm, I can feel the "leaping greenly spirits of trees," in the wind and the light.

I also think this poem says a lot about forgiveness (both the sun and the author are reborn in the second stanza, as the sun is every day), without linking the forgiveness to a heavy judgement. The last stanza shows this particularly, as in it, the author only gains in the newness. There is hardly a mention of the loss or the death.
Added by: Carol Stewart-Smith
Lloyd Psftauch has set this poem to music and it is perfectly fitted to the text. I think the music completes this poem, giving it full understanding.
Added by: joel
this poem begins on the mountaintop and dives inside the author's senses and then beyond INTO surrender. it's terriffic.
No Lower Case Name for E. E. Cummings, Please!
Added by: Robert Manno
E. E. Cummings always signed his name with capitals....never lower case. He never asked that his name be printed in lower case. This misrepresentation began when a publisher printed his name in lower case on a volume of poetry. Unfortunately, others followed suit. Cummings himself tried to prevent others from publishing his name in lower case but was unsuccessful. His wife, Marion Morehouse also was quite upset by it but neither she nor her husband ever purused legal action to correct the mistake.
Added by: Suzie
I think this poem is not just him walking out of his house in the morning appreciating God's earth. It seems as though he has just recovered from some deep pain (probably lost love) and...you know the feeling...the day when it seems to stop hurting and you have this sort of new exhilaration for life...this appreciation and understanding because the worst is over. That's how it struck me.... freedom from the pain of love.
Added by: cp
That's about what I think. It reminds though of being depressed for so long you forget that you've ever been happy because everything seems so dark, until on day it all brightens up again.
Added by: Anna Letton
this is probably the poem that is closest to my heart. to me, it is the author's re-realization (a word?) of God. and sorry to disagree with you, Louise, but i don't think he's addressing the world AS God, i think he's addressing God herself; "how should...any...human merely being doubt unimaginable You?" faced with LIFE in all its capitals, the author cannot doubt the existance of God, an individual whom he personally addresses. his spirit, the "ears of my ears" and "eyes of my eyes" are opened to this reality.

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