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i thank you God for most this amazing... (65)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: laura
this is by far my favorite poem. it reminds em of when i got saved and how great and beautiful that was. i hope someone will read this poem and it will help them on their journey with Christ!
amazing poem.
Added by: Amit
I got to know about this beautiful poem from my friend Anna; i am grateful to her.

I feel there exists a kind of pristine fragrance and an evergreen sense of optimism around the poem .... a kind of freshness which can always stimulate a sensitive mind..... simply amazing !!!!
Added by: Cortney
This poem brightens up my day, its so beautiful. everyday truly is amazing despite all its craziness sometimes. some people don't realize how incredible our senses are- hearing, touching, seeing- undoubtly they come from God; things so complex and intricate surely do not just appear. E.E. Cummings was trying to imagine how people cannot believe in God. "now the ears of my eyes awake" - he's seen the truth finally and its refreshing. wonderful poem =)
Praise! Gratitude! Joy!
Added by: A Poetry Lover
To me this poem speaks to Cummings' deep delight and appreciation of granduer of God and God's creation. It also holds up as folly the hubris of those "merely human" - "lifted from the no of all nothing" who doubt God when evidence of God in inherent in God's amazing creation. It resounds with praise and gratitude and joy! I love it and thank the sister who shared it as part of her program to our P.E.O. chapter recently.
Added by: Barulinka
Well, from my point of view this poem is closely connected with his experience from World war I. Thatīs why he says - i who have died am alive again today...He is grateful for new day- God has given it to him and he sees blue thrue dream of sky. It is the birthday of sun for Cummings- he wouldnīt have seen it again if he had been killed in war. His experiences drives him to closer relationship with God.
i Thank you God
Added by: Hanim
This poem invigorates you to appreciate life and this life so much it becomes a concentrated focus on God's gift through the eye's of a true believer, verily "now the ears of my ears awake and eyes of my eyes are open"

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