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i carry your heart with me(i carry it in... (92)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: kyle
This poem , i feel, is verry verry beautifull, if every one in the world could show the kind of love that he is talking about, the world would be a better place
Added by: Lindsey
Hey i'm doing a report on e.e cummings! Out of about 20-25 i pick him!!!! I LOVE THIS POEM IT IS SWEET AND I LOVE IT !!!!
Added by: tim
This poem is exquisite. e.e. knows the hidden secret: the heart of the lover and the heart of the beloved are the same heart.
Added by: Anna
I think this poem is about two girls who like the same beau and it is from the more attractive girl's point of view. The way the 'i fear' is placed in the poem really brings out the meaning to create a well balanced style (between feeling and form) which is so typical of e e cummings. This one's for you zoe.
Added by: Christen
when i read this it reminded me of the feeling of having a heavy heart. all you can do is think about this person(but not a psycho way). i feel that ee is totally obsessed with this person, and i kinda wish my boyfriend would feel this way about me :(
i carry your heart with me
Added by: JoAnn from Delaware
this poem seems to be from the stronger lover of a couple
the one, the one who carries the other, the one more passionate, the one who wants for nothing, the beloved is the sun and moon to the one carries the beloved's heart, for the one who carries is at once the controller but also totally controlled and consummed by the darling beloved
Added by: Rebecca
I understand exactly what was in the heart of e.e. cummings when he wrote this poem. I carry the heart of my love with me where ever I go. It is painful at times, yet comforting.
Added by: dianna
this poem as included in the movie, in her shoes, i thought it was magnificent. he has captured the thoughts of two people who love each other and expressed it like i have never heard before.
Added by: Lauren
I really love this poem. it makes my heart beat about this guy that i really like. A poem like that is for one person only- your true love. The person that you would give your life to.

I like stuff.... :)
Added by: Suzanne
tremendous to use as vows

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