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i carry your heart with me(i carry it in... (92)

e.e. cummings

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love struck
Added by: nakia
When I first heard the reading of this poem I felt my heart slip into my hands. I felt the movement of his words through my body and made a silent storm want to burst from my chest. I felt fluttered with excitement to read it to my love.This poem is heart aching, in a good way though
I carry your heart with me...
Added by: Kenn
Having been accused of being a romantic poet myself...(in a time when it seems no longer fashionable)...I have sent and dedicated it to the love of my 'lives'...my only regrets are I am not the author of these words and that on my best day could never equal them.
Poem- I carry your heart
Added by: David Morris M.D.
I will be attending the wedding of my friend Christina in October 2006.
She has been one of my best friends in the last 30 years.
He fience' is a widower whose wife died of hypertrophic heart disease and "on a waiting list for a new heart".
I will toast to the bride and groom with this as my wedding toast to them.
I think this will be sublime.

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