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Let History Be My Judge

W.H. Auden

We made all possible preparations, 
Drew up a list of firms, 
Constantly revised our calculations 
And allotted the farms, 

Issued all the orders expedient 
In this kind of case: 
Most, as was expectd, were obedient, 
Though there were murmurs, of course; 

Chiefly against our exercising 
Our old right to abuse: 
Even some sort of attempt at rising, 
But these were mere boys. 

For never serious misgiving 
Occurred to anyone, 
Since there could be no question of living 
If we did not win. 

The generally accepted view teaches 
That there was no excuse, 
Though in the light of recent researches 
Many would find the cause 

In a not uncommon form of terror; 
Others, still more astute, 
Point to possibilities of error 
At the very start. 

As for ourselves there is left remaining 
Our honour at least, 
And a reasonable chance of retaining 
Our faculties to the last.  

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