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Letter To My Wife

Nazim Hikmet

                                 Bursa Prison
My one and only!
Your last letter says:
"My head is throbbing,
               my heart is stunned!"
You say:
"If they hang you,
           if I lose you,
                     I'll die!"
You'll live, my dear--
my memory will vanish like black smoke in the wind.
Of course you'll live, red-haired lady of my heart:
in the twentieth century
                    grief lasts
                         at most a year.

a body swinging from a rope.
My heart
         can't accept such a death.
you can bet
     if some poor gypsy's hairy black
               spidery hand
                  slips a noose
                      around my neck,
they'll look in vain for fear
                      in Nazim's
                          blue eyes!
In the twilight of my last morning
will see my friends and you,
and I'll go
to my grave
            regretting nothing but an unfinished song...
My wife!
eyes sweeter than honey--my bee!
Why did I write you
                   they want to hang me?
The trial has hardly begun,
and they don't just pluck a man's head
                             like a turnip.
Look, forget all this.
If you have any money,
               buy me some flannel underwear:
my sciatica is acting up again.
And don't forget,
a prisoner's wife
               must always think good thoughts. 

Trans. by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk (1993) 

Added: 16 Jan 2002 | Last Read: 20 Oct 2018 12:38 PM | Viewed: 6217 times

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