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Young In New Orleans

Charles Bukowski

starving there, sitting around the bars,

and at night walking the streets for hours,

the moonlight always seemed fake

to me, mabye it was,

and in the French Quarter I watched

the horses and buggies going by,

everybody sitting high in the open

carriages, the black driver, and in

back the man and the woman,

usually young and always white.

and I was always white.

and hardly charmed by the


New Orleans was a place to


I could piss away my life,


except for the rats.

the rats in my small dark room

very much resented sharing it

with me.

they were large and fearless

and stared at me with eyes

that spoke

an unblinking


women were beyond me.

they saw something


there was one waitress

a little older than

I, she rather smiled,

lingered when she

brought my


that was plenty for

me, that was


there was something about

that city, though:

it didn't let me feel guilty

that I had no feeling for the

things so many others


it let me alone.

sitting up in my bed

the lights out,

hearing the outside


lifting my cheap

bottle of wine,

letting the warmth of

the grape



as I heard the rats

moving about the


I preferred them



being lost,

being crazy mabye

is not so bad

if you can be

that way:


New Orleans gave me


nobody ever called

my name.

no telephone,

no car,

no job,

no anything.

me and the


and my youth,

one time,

that time

I knew

even through the


it was a


of something not to


but only


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