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If You Forget Me

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: margarita
lovely poem, as if it's written for me...
Added by: Nora
Kind of possessive, isnt it???
Added by: John
This is such an amazing poem. Probably my favorite by Neruda that I've read.
Added by: Freja
I never forgot you dog. Not for one moment, not for one day. I just got worried that you were the O man after the toy asked me if I knew what had happened to him.
Added by: payniabs
real love ...
is not something one can switch on & off easily
Added by: Tiffany
I love this poem-i put it in my journal because it makes so much sence to me! I LOVE IT-make more this one is good
Added by: was
To me…

This poem is not about switching love off, and is not of a possessive nature. It is quite the opposite… to me. I feel it is of true love, the kind that one would make sacrifices for. The words in this poem are selfless and without blame. If one should stop loving you, letting them go and easing their conscious by saying you will move on is the most honorable and unconditional kind of love there is. This poem is a touching tribute to sacrifice.

Added by: Goo Godfrey
I think this poem goes FROM bitterness in the middle -- "well now" -- the tone those words set is bitter, filled with the threat of retribution, are they not? -- but it goes FROM that bitterness to a kind of sweetness. The sweetness of possibilities.
Added by: Sarah
I think this is such a beautiful poem, and not bitter at all. Its about strength. Also, its about the fact that he loves her because of the way she loves him...he feeds off her love. The moment her love disappears, so will his...

Added by: payniabdoMEN
You know what I'd like to know? Did Neruda really write this for his wife? That's what it says at the preface of his love sonnets book -- that those were all written for her. Don't you think these poets always had mistresses that they REALLY were writing all these poems to but never gave credit to? I just can't believe those were all to his wife. I mean 30 years of that? Come on! He was a BIG HUNKY VIRULENT looking man. Anyone know anything?

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