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If You Forget Me

Pablo Neruda

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not bitter..
Added by: Nanis
I agree with this poem being of sacrifice, when your love is true the hardest thing to do is to let that perosn go even if their love for you is no longer the same. But true love will make your lover's happiness your first priority even if that means letting them go and finiding a new life for yourself.
Added by: Anita
I do think that he writes about a love so deep, a soul mate love, and with such a love, if it ever dies, it dies slowly together, they both feel their love dying, dying like a star........
Another View
Added by: Bob
Maybe Neruda is not even talking about a woman. This was written while in exile. He maybe is talking about his beloved country, Chile. Just a thought, who really know sanyway that is what is so great about poetry. Ones own feeling and believe and interpitation.
Added by: elle
this poem isn't so much about sacrafice as it is about his fear of losing someone... we've all been in a situation where you care about someone, but you are scared that they may not care about you. that's what he feels, and he's using the poem as a shield to protect himself from being hurt if the other person does not like him as well... this poem is in an excellent anthology called "the hell with love", that has some great poems to help heartbrokenn people, and this one is one of my favorties because many people are able to identify with the fear of unrequited love.
If u forget so will I
Added by: Sukanya Datta
This is a lovely poem, bittersweet in flavour. What I loved about it was its philosophy about the willingness to move on. For too long have we, especially in India, glorified the tragic hero who throws away his life after losing his lady love. That is such a waste of future possibilities. This poem is a celebration of the fact that love like life will always go on... Reciprocity is required in a living relationship...why stay shackled to a loveless one? Move on. Retain the memories and should you be lucky enough to find true love it is like a ship safe in a harbour...otherwise there is the excitement of the voyage and the lure of ports on the way. Good Luck.
Added by: cheri
a love worth longing for, fighting for! but what can you do to make it stay? such is the love of this poet to his homeland, to his people-- a feeling of wanting to stay and wanting to be free from the bondage of love's death.
Added by: Gabriel
The poem could be about Chile or about her wife but I do think that the point he is trying to make through his words is: the deep true love he feels for her and how, as it starts to dissapear, he is satisfied with whatever he can have from her (memories).
Beautiful and striking imagery!
Added by: Teri
This poem describes the bittersweet nature of love. Love that cannot be demanded or possessed; it has to be given. The most telling lines in my interpretation, are the ones "If... you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where i have roots, remember, on that day, at that hour, i shall lift my hands and my roots will set off to seek another land" The essence of the poet's love and message to his lover is captured here. He knows that even though loving her gives him life, gives him belonging, he will forsake that in a single, decisive gesture if she rejects it. Even though he is hoping for her "implacable sweetness" to reciprocate his own feelings, he must be stoic and move on, he must move on and survive somehow, even without roots, even if this may not be possible. Sad, innit? Love is like that...
Added by: Kerry Talam
Some of the beauty of this poem lies in it's ambiguity. It is layed with meanings, depending on interpretation by the reader. But the true artistry of the poem comes from its portrayal of the complexities of love; by the issues raised by love, and the various human reactions to those issues.
Added by: sara s
oh i so loved this poem! pablo is one of my favorites. most of u are right, this is about a special strength that not many poeple have in order to keep up with all the rolercaosters in life that may crash the one love that might have been your only one. i absolutely loved it!

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