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Church Going

Philip Larkin

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Added by: molly burke
hi i am studying churchgoing, and i have a question and i am not sure if anyone can help me. but for my lit class we have to compare and contrast the marraotrs of churchgoing by larkin and mezzanine by nicholson baker as "witty worms".and i have no idea what that is about at all, can anyone help me??
Added by: Raoul ramirez
Interesting Rozubawn, that we would find a comment like that on a site like this. What would you be doing here if not to learn more about a poem from outside sources. Looks like you're a bit of a hypocrite...
Added by: TinkerBell
I like the last few comments that people felt should be expressed towards students using the intenet to help them get through classes such as these English literature ones we take. I, personally, have no compunctions with using the internet to help finish/do papers for class. As I type this, I'm studying for an exam I have in less than three hours for, wouldn't you know it, my English literature class. Some of us just want to get through the class and get a decent grade and don't really care about analyzing every little aspect of a line of poetry. If you (the people that feel it's wrong of us to use the internet to get analyses of works) feel it wrong, don't do it. But don't try to belittle us and say you find it distressing and act as though if one puts his or her mind to it, anything can be accomplished. Sometimes it just can't. Some of us just aren't good at things such as these. I, for one, am terrible at finding hidden meanings and other--for lack of a better word--bull. As a CS major, I'm just trying to get through an obstacle (gen eds) to my major. That's all. Don't disparage us simply because you don't like our course of action.

That is all.
Added by: deborah
Having just finished marking the Jewish New year in a synagogue, I had this poem going through my head. It's absolutely brilliant and I wish I'd written it myself.

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