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Church Going

Philip Larkin

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crittical essays(church going)
Added by: Allan Ramsay
Hi there i was wondering if anyone could help me? I am studying philip larkin poetry for my higher english & have too do a crittical essay on his poem "church going" if you could maybe give me some examples i would be very gratefull . please send them if you have them to my E-Mail address and i will be very gratefull. signed ALLAN RAMSAY. d
Added by: denislu
i want some comments on the poem especially on Larkin's spiritual faith.
Church Going
Added by: Joanah Lee
I'm writng a paper on the use of metonymy in Larkin's poetry, if anyone could provide me with some information it would be greatly appreciated.
Added by: Jack
Poem is about a person who dosn't believe in god and when people finally quit believing, what will happen to the churches. But he is looking for answers so he stops. He can't find answers because he doesn't believe.
A hunger in ourselves
Added by: Andrew Mayers
Once again we see Larkin beginning with a specific and familiar experience and then reflecting on the wider implications.
It isn’t as simple as saying what Jack says above. From the moment when:
“Hatless, I take off
My cycle-clips in awkward reverence,”
there is an acknowledgement that our behaviour should be adjusted in the presence of something bigger. While he may have little time for religious faith, he can at least register the human need for something serious and enduring (see the last stanza).
To consider what we learn about Larkin’s spiritual faith, compare this poem with ‘The Building’, where Larkin’s use of religious language suggests that the hospital in particular and medical science in general have replaced the Church in offering hope. While Larkin certainly doesn’t promote the idea that modern medicine is ultimately any more likely to deliver on its promises than faith is, the last line once again at least seems to acknowledge the same human need. The flowers taken by those visiting their sick and perhaps soon to be dead friends and loved ones are ‘wasteful’ and ‘weak’; but they are also ‘propitiatory’. So both buildings, church and hospital, serve a deeper purpose as symbols of our attempts to transcend the inevitability of our own extinction.
Added by: Mario Trovato
I'm an Italian etacher and I urgently need an Italian translation of Larkin's poem "Church going". I would be grateful if anyone could provide it to me. Thank you in advance
Added by: Malcolm Uren
I'm sure the poem is powerfully expressive of the feelings many people feel on entering an empty church. Immediately on reading it I found myself resonating with Larkin's poignant lines. He captures that wistful regret that somewhere along the line we have lost something vital.
Added by: Rozubawn
It distresses me to see that people in the world today are so reliant on others to help them write essays and interpretive readings. It is important to think for yourself when writing an essay and draw on your own life experiences to see what the poem is trying to convey to the reader. When you're in a "fix" and don't know what to write for your essay, don't draw on the Internet as your first resource. Scratch your head and use your noggin, because that is what will help you develop as a writer and make you more succesful in your future. And just if you're curious, I am a high school student, not an old fashioned adult...
Added by: Mercie
I agree students writing essays on interpretations of poems should not draw on the internet for help. The problem is many teachers say they want your ideas, but your answer is only correct if it is the same as theirs.
Even so I hope students will think critically when reading anything before turning to the internet as a source for pat answers.
Added by: Alison
Yes, in studying literature (especially poems), we should work with our brains instead of others'. This is originality :) As long as there is no perfect answer in any literature work, everyone can creat a distinct paradise!

Yet, it is sad to see that all creative work has to succumb to exams and homework :( In order to get better results, people are chasing after a so-called best (even standardised) asnwer.

I hope one day, all beautiful work from the beautiful minds can remain intact, and everyone could express whatever that is in their mind :)

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