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Like A Flower In The Rain

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: um
sounds kinda like my day, 'cept with the oil, It was straight missionary watched porn she masterbated and we didn't have chicken, she made me carrot with a butter/brown sugar sauce that makes sex seem like a distant memory... oh yeah and pork chomps a baked potato(microwave michigan nuthin special here) green hornet beer fresh brewed coffee strawberry cake pink as the horizon in august with coconut icing white as the driven snow
Added by: rum
this is one of the trashiest poems i've ever read, if it wasnt for "jane", i'd say bukowski was a complete loser as far as poetry goes, and i shudder to think what others would say.
Added by: am
this is the essence of his day. he is honest and it is his honesty that makes this poem if not charming than appealing. and because he left out any exclamation for why he wrote this poem you call it trash. um must know what I am talking about
pure poetry
Added by: Adamkov Raskolnikov
This is sheer, beautiful poetry!! since when was poetry limited!? thats what's so beautiful about it!
I used to dislike poetry because of all those mundane cliche connotations that go with it. Poetry that doesn't say something new (or doesn't say something OLD in a NEW way) ends up predictable, like a script from Eastenders. No, Bukowski takes you on twists and turns of unpredictability, with a rawness that makes it just as fresh everytime you read any one of his poems.
What strikes me as genius is the way he uses familiar cliches of poetry but uses them in a different and vile way. For example, the "flower in the rain", haha! Doesnít that produce in your head the most perfect images for that moment in the poem? Is it just me? Also him representing the vagina with "the miracle" and the dreaded "apple". Bukowski blatently did this for a reaction, and he definately got one!
Oscar Wilde said through a character in one of his books something like "we should treat all the trivial things of life seriously, and all the serious things in life with sincere and studied triviality". This poem among others of Bukowskiís is so true of this; firstly how he mentions cutting the fingernail of his middle finger of his right hand and, secondly, at the end he writes the long list of all the things they ate, twice! These two things make the whole act in the poem seem trivial, like he was a little kid rushing his sentences to get to the end part where he eats the coleslaw, too.
All this, and that, and everything on this planet is debatable, but my point is this: including cliches in a poem or any text for that matter takes away true, honest, personal feeling. Vulgar or not, this poem is real. More real "than the white driven snow". Im not saying everyone should like this poem and definately not that all those that donít donít understand art; I can see very clearly how vulgar it is. But my point is that you shouldnít condemn it (or anything) just because it isnít your taste. Freedom is everything good in all art, without complete 100% freedom it isnít art.
This may sound like preaching but its the complete opposite. i think open-mindedness enables one to find truth and reason in everything, good or bad.
Added by: Kate
I suppose vulgarity is a matter of opinion, but I think in order to be able to experience a poem as intended, you have to go into it without any inhibitions. Bukowski is blunt, yet extremely poignant in the pure simplicity of daily life. It's not even a huge event, it's just the beauty of the simple moments.
better than shakespeare
Added by: mike stone
genuis, pure genius.
Added by: c
The vulgarity isn't really an issue. Bukowski is a terrible writer. If you want honesty, if you want the blunt, poignant truth... read Sharon Olds. It's the same bag. Sex and pain and joy all explained brutally. Olds knows what she's doing with words. I'd suggest you find out about the truth from her.

(this isn't directed toward anyone in particular, just a general comment for anyone interested...etc etc etc.)
Added by: In Awe
This is the most hysterical thing I've read all week. Thanks...I needed a good laugh!
Added by: sarah
thats nasty. i dont think that bukowski wrote it. dont think he used those words. who submitted that? you are an idiot for trying to impersonate an exceptional writer.
Added by: shane alber
Okay, maybe CB is a little vulgar and doesn't do as well as words as Sharon Olds. But I think people like him because he panders to the uneducated. By that I mean he doesn't use too sophisticated words. He just says it. Also, this poem goes to show how the meal was almost better than sex. I know that when you were reading about the meal, you didn't even think about the sex "stanzas" you were reading before. They were both hungry, but for different things at different times.

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