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Like A Flower In The Rain

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Stravinsky
In regards to the "vulgarity" or "genius" of this poem, let me just say a few things I believe I've gathered about Bukowski:

1. Bukowski doesn't respect you.

2. He is honest, but not because he cares if you know him or not.

3. Much of his work is equally offensive, and in this the beauty of his works come through. Bukowski, in this work and many throughout his career, directly address the romantic qualities of routine by beating the hell out of them with their own platonic counterpart. I see this poem as a challenge. Bukowski wants the reader to recognize the flat physical properties of something that the majority of poets would omit in telling such a story to salvage the romantic element. Bukowski blends the two here, asking of the reader to do the same.

4. Or maybe he just felt like writing some good porn and pissing a lot of people off. There might be a bit of that in there too.

This is poetry unfiltered, and I think Bukowski is dealing readers of conventional poetry a literary slap in the face, a wake up call, that there is more in life than what is in poetry, and that capturing the aesthetically pleasing elements of it are not the only way to create art. Bukowski addresses the far side of the spectrum of art, focusing his microscope on the less attractive side of nature and humanity, which seems to be under-addressed in his field. (See also Neutral Milk Hotel)
Added by: Alex
The image of the wet flower as a metaphor for her being wet, that is quality. For the rest of you bringing Bukowski into question on account of his word use, to that I say: What makes poetry good? There is no set standard for good poetry, poetry is simply poetic words. Just because the poem isn't complex and intellectual doesn't mean it is worthless. Bad writing is a matter of opinion. Bukowski typifies modern male machismo during a time when feminism was exploding. The modern man was Waldo, lost in a chaos of civil rights movements. During all the shit of the world, we see what the average working class male was doing: living, working, dying. And maybe a little ass and booze and gambling on the side. That's what you should appreciate about Bukowski's works. If you can't like that, then Buk ain't for you. Maybe check out some Maya Angelou or Sylvia Plath.

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