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Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: Jo C
The poem is well structered with a good sense of rythem and pace, but is seems the poem is trying to say that forever this 'gallant knight' will forever seek Elderado.
Added by: mona
When I read this poem first, I had the impression, that the meaning was all too simple but put into a sharp poetic form.
But the question of what or who or where is Eldorado continued in my mind.
Until one day I made a trip to Berlin (Germany) and I realized that home is not home but home is not elsewhere either.
I think that Eldorado (that endless search of Homers Odysee), especially in Poe´s case, is the feeling of not being able to find a home (truth), as long as one is one´s self.
Added by: Shane
I have liked the poem ever since the John Wayne movie, I believe of the same name, came out. I was truly amazed to find that Poe had written it.
Added by: Bob Spokane
I liked this poem but the meaning was definetley a closest homosexual trying to find the courage to admit he is gay.
Added by: Jessica
Bob... Just a question... I was just wondering where you got the impression that this poem had anything to do with homosexuality. Maybe I'm just blind, but I certainly didn't pick up on that theme. At all.
Added by: Angie
Bob, I too am wondering, how you could possibly get the interpretation of a homosexual knight. I think you need to look up the word gaily. It might not mean what you think.
Added by: megg
i agree with bob. i had to write a paper on elderado and it could be interpretated as a gay man looking for a place to belong. His shadow could be his past of confusion and denial. And his shadowtells him to go foward and keep searching. Meaning that he deep down he cant go back, and he truely doesnt want to. He keeps moving on despite his certainty of his destination.
Added by: J.S. Bussiere
Poe's poem could be interperted as many things but i didn not find clloset homosexuality a motif of this poem. I found it to be an aphromism to lifes never ending search for hapiness and fortune( what ever fortune may be). This statement can be backed up with facts form Poe''s tradgic life(such as the death of his mother and wife). This is truly a great poem but my opinion may not be validated due to the fact I'am only 15 and have not yet experience the world.
Added by: Dragulesca
Well it CAN be interpreted as a gay man looking to "belong" I suppose. But, being as it's literature and art, and most especially as it is poetry it can be interpreted anyway the reader sees fit. It can mean ANY person looking for ANYthing.

Personally I always felt (as I didn't know much about Poe, the person when I first read this and developed my initial impression of it) that it was simply an abstract. Pursuance of impossible dreams and living for living's sake. A theme doesn't have to complicated to be powerful/meaningful.

And for what it's worth, Bob probably is gay. That is NOT an attack, just an observation. Most homosexual individuals lives tend to center around their sexual preferences. Their politics, their spirituality or lack their of depending on the individual, their friends, their geographic location etc. Not always, just generally this is true. Thus might Bob be so inclined to view the poem in that light. I don't want to go into why this has, in nearly every real life instance I have observed held true. If you can see the logic there great, if you disagree do so but don't bother posting about it as I won't be back to read it.
Added by: Dragulesca
Granted, "[Over the mountains of the moon and down the valley of shadow]" sounds a good deal more female than male to me.

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