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Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: nauz
how could anyone ever interpret the poem El Dorado to mean that the knight is gay? this is a major stretch that cannot be substantiated in any way!!!!
Added by: Kelsey
Im doing a research project for English 11 on the greatest American writer who ever lived, EA Poe. I just need at little help analyzing Eldorado, I understand it, and I've analyzed it myself, I just like to be sure I'm on the right track.

Thank you so much!
Added by: LittleM
The idea that this poem is about homosexuality is so far fetched. I think it's pretty clear that Poe is making a series of comments about wasting ones life for the purpose of finding El Dorado - ie a place of severe material weath. Dorado meaning coated with gold shows that monetary wealth may not always lead to a good life.
Added by: Period5
I thought this poem was interesting and by reading a lot of the comments below it opened me up to read it again and realize what people were talking about. It seems like he is trying to find something, doesn't mean he is gay. He is just looking for something and can't seem to find it. I don't read a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's poems so I can't really understand the message he is trying to send out.
Added by: nomans812
This poem starts as a knight's tale but ends with him never reaching his goal. Him talking to Shadow seems as though he is talking to death. Death tells him where Eldorado is... but in esence Eldorado never exists. So this poem is now about a man that is chasing a dream until his death. That's what i see.
Added by: How
I really like this poem. I interpret it simply as a man pursuing a dream, however impossible it may seem. Even when you have tried so hard for so long, you should never give up. Just keep going. Keep riding, boldly riding.
Homo Theory
Added by: edgar allan Poe
Correct me if i am mistaken but knights usually carry swords and it is quite possible that the sword reepresented the brave souls penis. It may be a stretch but then again streth your mind and you just might realize this to be true. It actually makes sense because alot of the time there are shadows under our erected penises and in some unsolved medical mysterys this shadow has been known to talk. Also the shadow( or shady region under penis) tells him to look for a valley. This valley my friends obviously represents a vagina because yet of coure the penis seeks the vagina. Bravo Edgar allan Poe you have once again made a masterpiece.

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