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Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: Alvin Li
Although I'm not very excited when I read poems, I found this one quite profound. This is one of the first works by Edgar Allen Poe which I have read, and I can already tell that he is a very pessimistic person. Similar to his other poem, the name has eluded me, he talks of someone dear to him who passes away. I found his talk about angel's quite interesting. I did not know angels could kill with wind.
Added by: Justin
I thought that this poem was sad. The guy obviously loved the girl, Annabel Lee. The love that they shared was extreme. No one could break it. In the end, he was really sad. He probably killed himself next to Annabel.
Added by: Alice
This poem is very sad as he reminisces about his love. I especially like the line, "The angels, not so happy in Heaven." It creates a stronger feeling of the of the emotions of the characters in the poem. It also shows the strength of the bond that the couple had. I wonder if this is written about one who passed away recently or if it has been a while since.

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