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Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe

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Annabel Lee
Added by: candis
This poem is a wonderful expersion of what losing a love is really about!
Added by: elizabeth Bunch
Annabel Lee is a deep thought provoking poem. Poe loved her more than life itself and that is obvious in his emotions written down. This is the type of love that evryone searches for and that now is being taken away from him. The type of love that afterwards leaves you a differnet person.
romance and tragedy
Added by: jrem
this is an amazing piece! I love how he can intertwine romance and tragedy(is that how you spell it?) so well. And note that it wouldn't be half as good without the last line...In her tomb by the side of the sea....and the third stanza(that it what its called?) is amazing as well...ahhhhh...the power depressing literature has on one's soul....
Added by: niall macleoid
thanks for the link where the handwritten manuscript is. It helped sort out a lot of confusion in my head over what is the original layout. That gives confidence when examining the poem. This is a great weird larger-than-life, stronger-than-death, pagan paean to the power of love. I've known men who visited cemetries at night to lie on the graves of dead wives. Yes strange but love destroyed disturbs the psyche deep down. It's these parts that Poes poetry fathoms.Even if the final stanza refers to the imagination bringing Annabel to his side rather than an actual graveside visit the intensity of emotional torment is similar (Much more common reaction though1) A poem like this works in an indefinable way on the emotions. It does not submit well to intellectual analysis. Maybe that's just saying Poe wasn't Pope!
last line of poem
Added by: Daina
I chose to analyse this poem for my English class. And sorry to bring up the last line again, but in my book of poems entitled "Themes on a Journey"
the last line reads " in her tomb by the sounding sea"
So now I do not know which one it is...
But...WAY TO GO EDGAR its a wonderful poem
Added by: Kevin Michael Smith
Dude i love this if it was not for you i would have died lol i love you this was awsome finding so many comments
the last line *is*...
Added by: sofie
"in her tomb by the sounding sea". no questions about it - it's like there was a massive game of chinese whispers going on, during which the words of a poem were changed! haha. well i have a book, it's called a selection of poe or something. and it has lots and lots of the poems he did. it's very old, and it has the last line of which i am supporting. :D thank you for your timeeee!!
Added by: Sabrina Morris
I have had five books of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and in each one the poem Annabel Lee the last line states "in her tomb by the sounding sea." So there I believe that it is more correct and I will continue to look into it. I also believe that it sound much better than the other verse but everyone has their own opinion!
Added by: Steven Fistell
None of the comments about the correct version of the last line, in my opinion, are accurate. I have read versions of Poe's Annabel Lee since I was a child. The true wording of the last line (and it is much more beautiful and believable as Poe's) run thus: "In her tomb by the side of the sounding sea"
Added by: just like poe
I think this poem is about a peasant boy who lived in a time when royalty ruled all. He was probably a servent boy who grew up amongst the rich and had come to know, and in time love this girl who was already promised to another. I think she was so upset that she couldn't be with the one she loved , that she decided to kill herslf. She chose death rather than a life without her love, and as a spirit she could remain with him for ever . This poem has a strong romeo and Julliet feel. The last stanza gives me the impression that he has perhaps poisoned himself and lay down in her toomb to be by her side forever.

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