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On My First Son

Ben Jonson

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On My First Sonne
Added by: minako
He is expressing the pain of losing his only son "thou child of my right hand". So then he goes on about how his child was seven years old and he feels like he's lost everything " O, could I lose all father now!" The part I'm not understanding about this poem is " 'scapped world's and flesh's rage"?
Added by: George
i thought it was an absolute snorter of a poem!!!
On my first sonne ;(
Added by: Lauren Oakley
This is a truly beautiful and touching poem. It gives you a new look on life and is a poem that makes you reflect on what you take for granted. The poet creates the readers sadness as it basically says the farther has accepted the death and is even envious of the boy going to heaven. Overall a wonderful poem of a strong farther and son relationship.
Added by: seb b
i noticed that as no one had mentioned the way in which it is written i would say that the aabb way in which he has written this poem adds to the deppressing feel of it making it more effective in delivering its message

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