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On My First Son

Ben Jonson

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Added by: ***
we are studying this poem at school and i have recently just learnt what it means. I think it is an emotional sad poem and makes the reader feel sympathy towards the writer. We realise that he envies his son as he has now got away from all the violence in the world.
his death
Added by: alexandra
After reading the poem more than once i realized that Ben Jonson doesn't just describe his son's death,but his death as well, because he says here doth lie ben jonson's best piece of poetry, which is referring to hinself not his son in this part.
Added by: oyeronke oyefuga
i think it is a poem mourning the quick passage of his son, on whom he had much hope- which he actually blames himself for. His best work he says was the creation of the son, which i think is a glory he shouldn't take too. However, is a sad one too- like Seamus Heaney's" MId- term break". It's an elegy written in couplets- seven...
Added by: Ricky
I am doing this poem in school and i found it to be the best out of all the other poems because when one reads this poem u feel for the poet and there is a air of sadness that hangs around. this poem is the best also coz u can analyse it to the tiniest detail!
On My First Son
Added by: Future Prof.
Some minor corrections to previous posters...
First, Jonson is not a Metaphysical poet, he is more closely aligned with the Cavalier tradition. The Cavaliers often called themselves the Son's of Ben or the Tribe of Ben, in tribute to Jonson. Jonson was very dismissive of some Metaphysical poets such as John Donne. Jonson was said to have commented that Donne wrote all of his best poetry before he was 19, when he was the wild "Jack" Donne who hung out in pubs and followed Shakespeare's and Jonson's plays in the theater. When he became pious John Donne, the Dean of St. Paul's cathedral in London, Jonson had no more use for him or his poetry.

Which brings us to Jonson as a clergyman in the 17th Century. Ummm, that's news to me! He was a bricklayer, a soldier, a bar fighter, an actor, a poet and a playwright....but never a clergyman. All people of Jonson's time followed some faith; it might have been dangerous not too! But don't confuse being devout or even just belonging to a church, for being a man of the cloth. Just because Jonson believes in an afterlife or heaven and references that common attitude in a poem, be aware he was quite the hell raiser.
actually, spelling isn't important
Added by: Leach
insisting on the spelling "on my first sonne" is stupid. archaic spellings alone don't put you in jonson's time period. anyways, they're phoenetically the same in most cases (some of the vowel sounds have drifted). Spenser is the only poet I know of where the archaic spellings are thought important, and that's because he was intentionally using archaic spellings, even for his own time.
Added by: Gladfelter
Jonson reaches out to his audience and is able to hit a man's heart. After watching my father lose his oldest son and my oldest brother, Jonson's poem explains the sadness and grief perfectly.
The Interlectuals - thanks to Frenchie for the spe
Added by: Mr Abbott's English class: Yr 11
Chloe thinks it was very depressive and not something you want to read first thing in the morning. Nick says it was a poem from the heart. The rhyming couplets reflect the way in which the poet is trying to order what he is saying. Charlie needs to concentrate more in lessons.
Added by: Katie
The poem "On my First Sonne" is an elegy full of sorrowful tones. It is an explosion of Jonson's creative mind, allowing all his thoughts to ebb out onto the page which he writes. Not a fictional poem, true feelings escape in the words and creates a sense of empathy and heart-felt loss.
Added by: hails
i'm in a poetry class in Uni, and i
m presenting the meaning of this poem..i came here to see if i could find a less literal translantion of jonsons work...

his poem is amazing when you look at it in an emotional sense..i've read it before, but after seeing the deeper meaning to the work, the poem made a more significant impact on me

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