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16-bit Intel 8088 chip

Charles Bukowski

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clever people
Added by: jim
Charles remains ever unimpressed by the gadgetry of the folk folly.
Added by: anonymous
I find this poem to be entirely predictable, partly in virtue of it saying nothing new. Ye olde "look at all this complicated and advanced machinery which is a sign of our progress, but, oh, look at nature and life which still persists and which technology can never replicate despite it's proliferation, etc., etc." I agree, but, in this poem, it is put forth in an entirely uninteresting manner. Sorry, Mr. Bukowski.
Added by: Adam
oh and also, i think the poem's manner is supposed to seem uninteresting, because im sure Bukowski found this computer technology uninteresting, hence the tone of the poem. It's definately arguable...
Added by: Adam
I have to say that i find this poem interesting. I love the triviality of it, like Bukowski is thinking aloud and anyone who doesn't wanna listen doesn't have to. i'm sure he couldn't care less. I think the poem is not only saying that no technological advance could ever replicate nature, but also that leading technical creations are like political leaders, in that they won't/can't work together. Instead, they try to convince everyone to side with their belief or in this case, product. Products of one company are not supposed to be compatible with other products outside of that company because that company would lose out. Instead they make products compatible with products from the same company. I think this resembles the way a leader may condemn one member of their group for showing any kind of interest in a different group. ALSO very much like subject teachers at school who seem to want you to focus on their subject and their subject only; nevermind the others!!
As for the nature bit at the end, i think ol' Buck could just as easily have described tumbling tumbleweed in Tahiti; anything to represent time passing, or carrying on, regardless of human technological advances and also regardless of people who think about such things, like Bukowski.
Surprisingly Witty
Added by: Jason Redrock
First poem i saw about a computer.. nice lol
Chips blowing like the wind
Added by: Harry S
I sense Buks frustration with gadgets...
bukowski doesn't live in my library *sigh*
Added by: teve
reminds me of certain confucian (buddhist?) sayings. "the wind blows, but the mighty oak tree says nothing." etc.
Added by: Chris
The contrast between the mating buzzards and the technologies that don't work together has me pondering the impotence of these gadgets. It may be, perhaps that computers will one day send a nuclear wind around the world, but even so, can they hold a candle to spirit (the wind over Savannah) or love (the mating birds)? This is important stuff.
Added by: Kliment
Come on guys, face it. He knows the computer details more then you hackers out there! virtue?! gosh...
Added by: Buk
'anonymous', you have to reember this poem was written when computers wee just coming into existence. So at the time it was fresh and interesting. Now, it is still amazing and perfectly written. Not that Bukowski would care either way.

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