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16-bit Intel 8088 chip

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Riley
Buks sense of irony is priceless. The real key to this poem for me is the indifference of nature vs the extreme complexity and futility human systems. Computers aren't trying to 'replicate' nature, they're just trying to be useful. But they're often more trouble than they're worth, they try too hard. Nature doesn't give a shit and so it's not annoying.
bukowski and computers
Added by: Misty
People, Bukowski didnt give a hoot about computers, gadgits, whatevers, he wasn't writing about coming into the now... he wasn't writing about anything. He knew at this point that he had so many people at his feet that were willing to pay for his bored junk that he could publish even the most meaningless crap and you would still comment on it, analyze it and pick at each other over it. Good on you Bukowski, you should read this crap!

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