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Visitors' Comments about:

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas

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Added by: Charlotte
Kate you have no right to insult the work of someone a thousand times more intelligent than you. Fern Hill is a wonderful poem and you should be ashamed that your stupidity stopped you comprehending its meaning.

Good luck overcoming your ignorance!x
Added by: laura
kate, you truly are an idiot, and what's sad is you don't realize it. Dylan Thomas is more of a person and soul than you wil ever be, you just simply are too ignorant to be able to accept that his poetry is complicated and therefore that's why you don't understand it. Not everything in life comes instantly, and mabe one day you will come to learn that the good things in life are a result of hard work and not of impatience and ignorance. Lucky for you, ignorance can be cured though, but not by effort on anybody else's part except for your own
Added by: Laura
Fern Hill is an amazing poem, and Dylan Thomas is an amazing poet. A drunk, yes, and a horrible lover, yeah, it's been said... But that doesn't change this amazing ability he possesses to use the english language and arrange to words to describe youth and innocence more beautifully than anyone. Sure, a lot of people won't get it, but those people are the ones who don't undertand what poetry really is, and don't care to understand. It's more than an ABABCDCD rhyme scheme... It's feeling, and emotion, making the reader feel your what you're feeling, see what you're seeing.

Poetry is amazing, and takes talent to write, and Dylan Thomas wrote it exceptionately well... And just because some of you are too shallow to understand the inner meaning of what's being said here, is no reason to throw a hissy fit. If you're too superficial to actually try, and automatically label it a "horrible" poem since it doesn't begin with "Roses are red, violets are blue" then you shouldn't be attempting to write an analysis on Dylan Thomas's poetry to begin with, and instead be whinning to mommy and daddy about that pony you've always wanted.
Added by: Grace
Ok, how you can get sex out of "Up the the swallow thronged loft by the shadow of my hand" is completely beyond me. People have to read sexual meanings into everything. The poem is about childhood innocence, the passing of time, and aging. If you would have payed any attention to the line before where Thomas states " Nothing I cared, [...] that time would take me / Up to the swallow..." you would see that he's talking about death and heaven. In his youth he didn't think about the passing of time and how one day he would die, but now, as he is aging, he realizes that time doesn't last forever.
Added by: Catherine Davison
The tulips show their smiling faces,
Heads tossed by the passing breeze.
Fine, beautiful ladies dancing tall and Free, doing whatever they please.

When the tulips grace us with their presence.
We know that spring is here,
And their show proclaims how everything feels free,
The eyes see the joy on the people's faces and reflect the senses of cheer.

The tulips wave their warm smile at the people who come to see them.
They show their multitude of colours, soft and striking.
And the happiness from their radiant faces shine to the delighted people.
Added by: clarissa
I'm not sure whether it really is completely about childhood, but it's also but realisation, and religion. when the speaker was a boy he found joy in everything and religion was very much a part of his life, with the "sabbath" and "holy streams" and "fields of praise", but gradually, as his youth left him, no further references to religion were made. is that indicative of how we neglect our religion once we suffer a setback?
Fern Hill
Added by: Katelyn
People who are supposedly intelligent and intellectually stimulated by this poem should use dictionaries themselves because they are spelling a great number of their words incorrectly... go ahead check my comment for spelling mistakes.... you will find some.. but come on; its always easier to see anothers mistakes before your own!
I love it
Added by: Janet
I love this poem. Simply because i do. Thanks for allowing me a space to finally get that off my mind. Its been bothering me for months!
Fern Hill
Added by: Unspoken
Damn i dont know where 2 begin. I got so many views on this poem...some that i agreed on...some that i didnt...people sound so smart..i have 2 say, i lack the poetic sensibilty and i also find myself being ignorant of the implications within the meaning, but my outlook is changing, this is a good peom i have 2 say...i did understand it when i 1st read it but now i see deeper into it, and reading about the background really helped me to grasp the finer details
Added by: becky
What a ridiculous thing to post. You actually admit that you don't like the poemj ust because you don't understand it. Many people, obviously far more intelligent than you can see the beauty and intelligence of this poem, so you might want to read it again and reconsider rather than writing it off. If you figure out a few of the repetitive metaphors it should all come together, failing that just read the previous messages everyone seems to have a good grasp of the general meaning. Really its not even a difficult poem to understand on a basic level, but never mind, just hope you don't intend to study English at any level past primary school!

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