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Visitors' Comments about:

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas

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dear kate
Added by: briana
deat kate, your comment is one of the most stereotypical and prejudice comments i have ever read. it doesnt' take a "psycho" or "goth" to understand that Thomas is reminiscing about his childhood. he is celebrating the joy he felt and the sorrow that he feels now that his days of innocence are past. susan-you said it!
"Fern Hill" by Dylan Thomas
Added by: Denise
Fern Hill is a really wonderful piece of poetry. It takes you back to the age of innocence and immaturity, namely childhood. He describes everything as "green" and "golden" and that he didn't have any awareness of time as a child on the farm. He uses religious metaphors in the poem to try and show the feelings that he once had at the farm and the beauty of the farm. I think he uses these, not because he is a religious person, but to reach a majority of the audience. What I mean is even if you are not religious, you still know who Adam and Eve are, and what the Garden of Eden was and represents. He felt as if he was the only one , "the huntsman and herdsman", he just seemed to lose himself out on that farm. I really can relate to this, being brought up on a farm when I was a child. I too would go out into the fields alone to be by myself and lose myself in the midst of nature and her beauty. And at the end I really think that he is reflecting back on the innocence of his youth, but as he quotes "Time held me green and dying, though I sang in my chains like the sea" I really think that he is still relating to his childhood, not death and dying. Time was passing by and he really didnt notice, he just kept playing and enjoying everything that the farm had to offer. If you can go back in time and see yourself as the child you once were, you would also see and feel a time of innocence and immaturity. As children, you don't think of death and dying and about time. You don't even realize what it's all about. You just want to play and run free, not a care in the world. And that is what childhood should be like. Unfortunately for some it is not. But for the others that have had this priviledge, take yourself back in time and remember who you were as a child, then you can relate to what Dylan is saying.
Added by: Alex
To the people who cannot yet appreciate Thomas' works... Dylan Thomas is a great poet who is recognized worldwide... so there must be a reason. His poetry makes perfect sense, you just have to relax and let it come to you. Just because you don't understand it after reading the first couple times, don't just put it off as garbage. Take your time and you might just find out something interesting about the poem and/or yourself.
Added by: Elizabeth
Is this peom religous at all? Honestly as I read it at first it was hard to understand, howerver in the fourth stanza the Biblical allusion to Adam and Eve is drawn. The it speaks of the frist spinning place. In my opinion Thomas knew exactly what he was writing about, and this is a religous peom.
Added by: CM
I have so enjoyed reading everyone's comments here. They have been quite thought provoking. I would like to through out a theory we discussed in my lit class. I think we can all agree that Fern Hill is about time. At first, time is gentle with us and then it becomes less and less giving and finally takes from us. Time could be considered an agent. Next time you read this poem, think of the children's story of the pied piper, and think of time becoming the pied piper. Just a different way to look at it.
Added by: tyler
kate is a stupid person. thomas was such a romantic intellgent person that you can't comprehend because your not one. he is a pure poet and you are purley ignorant. Fern hill is a very important piece by Thomas. I am too writing a paper on him and My thesis is "Tomas creates images of emotional conciousness, from birth to death." Fern Hill is a poem from his finding birth to be incredible and godly and how death is inevitable and how one finds this out to be throughout there life. Thomas's words come from a pure drunkin soul of emotion that would IMO make any other poet seem dim and blahhhh.
Added by: GB
A great poem. But I think many of you are over-analyzing it. I'm pretty sure that his reference to Adam and Eve is just to get the point of creation across. He's stating that as a child wakes it's like the world is created again, everything is new and full of potential. The fields of praise? Maybe just the fields he loved so much. Praising something does not have to be religious.
Added by: Lara
This poem makes me cry. It is so full of emotions, of beauty. All children should enjoy the same childhood of Dylan, I think it's the best. Thank You AM for your way of seeing this poem, it helped me a lot ;-)
to good to be false...
Added by: rebecca gurung
I think that the author has gone through all these glorious moments described in the poem ortherwise he would not have made a beautiful piece...it was such a touching work of literature...truly amazing...i loved reading it
no comprendo...
Added by: Michelle
I don't understand this poem. I don't get how you got that the "simple light" is realizing that were all going to die and how the poem reflects mans need for a religion. Isn't it religious in the sence that the "simple light" is the birth of Jesus Christ in tyhe "stable", in which case green would be linked more with purity than youth? Could it be that the poem isn't about youth and time, but rather of man's fall from a "Father" figure (God) through sin? I'm very confused!

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