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Sonnet 87: Farewell! Thou art too dear for my possessing

William Shakespeare

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Added by: Woody S
This sings of every hopeless obsession, every cow-eyes-from-across-the-room, right-moment wrong-time, right-time wrong-moment. Sonnet 87: hymn to all the lusts and loves that can't be. No stalking is complete without it.
Added by: Mr E
I find a more bitter tone in this work. Perhaps shakespeare is exhibitng a great sarcasim, and his words are filled with equivocation. The woman of whom he speaks appears to be a narcissistic figure, and i believe that coupled with the correct tone, that this is a superb piece of poetic mastery.
Added by: john smith
am i the only person who got the impression he was deflowering his wife? "your gift"?

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