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I've Never Had It Done So Gently Before

Richard Brautigan

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Added by: Larry Allen
Maybe no one else wanted to comment on such an adult subject.
Being brave I just want to note the
beautiful language used to describe such an animal act. Brautigan never got the respect of the "real"
poetry community. Perhaps that is changing.
comment about your comment
Added by: javajazz
one wonders just who makes up this "real" poetry community and how anyone can miss the brilliance behind Brautigans simply insightful insights? why are we always looking for icing on the cake instead of just tasting that beautiful cake (or penis, as the case may be...)
Added by: sugar
one has to remember that it is only human nature to point at or disgrace what we either do not like or understand. do not mistake for malice...what can easily be expalined as ignorance
Added by: Darryl
I don't care what the "'real' poetry community" and judgmental academia thinks of Brautigan. He is all about a personal relationship to the world—ironically, so are we all.
Added by: Britty
She was good, he enjoyed it. We're all envious. I think this is a new favourite for me.

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