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Sonnet 8: Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?

William Shakespeare

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Added by: tonya
is there a line by line explanation of this poem somewhere?
Must be a dim bulb...
Added by: Clive
Um, that wasn't a comment, that was a question.
That line by line explanation - by a (very) bad po
Added by: Will! I am Shakespeare!
1. When you hear good tunes, why are you grumpy?
2. Happy stuff makes you happy (doesn't it?).
3. Why do you love tunes that get your goat?
4. Or, why do you get annoyed by tunes that really you like?
5. If great music and harmonies,
6. (that clearly demonstrate that everything and everbody work better when working and thinking together), make you spit,
7. That's because they're only trying to show you how wrong you are. You, who are the antithesis
8. To this whole idea, the very embodiment of it. They're only trying to teach you the way you should be.
9. Notice how guitar (or violin, piano, or whatever) strings, when played together,
10. Sound good,
11. Like happy family
12. Units;
13. Since they're are more of them than you, all together
14. They sing to your face, "You're wrong (and you know you are) - and there's only one of you so you don't count."

Personally I like the original draft better - but don't let
me or anyone else tell you what to think.
Poetry is it's own reward.

All the best,


Added by: Sally May
yeah me too. i prefer the original

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