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It's Raining In Love

Richard Brautigan

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Added by: jess
i think this poem is very well written and go thorugh what most adolesent males feel
Added by: fran
i wouldnt confine it to adolescents but
Added by: elyk
yeah, i just read this poem again for the first time in 2 years and it brought back some tears. brautigan really has perfect wording for heartbreaking situations.
Added by: Jessica
This poem just explains so perfectly a common situation that many of us find ourselves in too often. The nervousness, the fear of being ridiculed by someone you love, the mood and emotion, and the search of saying something meaningful are so beautifully described in this poem. Its absolutely amazing...
a funny kind of love
Added by: bob knab
i think this poem is funny
this guy is not in love with this girl because if he was he would not care what she thought he is only insecure in there relateationship and because he has pitter-patter fealings he thinks its love this guy needs to grow up there is no place for the girl in this relateship he is only thinking of himself -mebob

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