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Sonnet 55: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments

William Shakespeare

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Added by: Edgar Wilhelm
Poem Analysing
Firstly, before you even look at the questions, read the poem three times:
The first time you should look for the literal meaning of the poem, what it is about.
On the second reading, you should look for the meanings and emotions contained in the character and the words.
On the third reading you should look at the choice of words, and see what the interesting images that you get.
General Points:
You should:
1.Comment on effective words and devices
2. Point out imagery (Description: Metaphor, simile etc.)
3. Look at the development of the poem, and say why it is effective, or why it is not.
4. Comment on the structure of the poem
5. And finally, provide a personal account, with your own thought and ideas included, saying why it is good for you and why it is not so good for you, giving throughout that time, your personal feelings.

 Highlight words that you think to be effective
 Write down why.
 Note down any changes in emotion.
 Look for enjambment- if you find it try to think why the poem uses it.
 Look at the sentence structure, why is it like it is? Say the poem aloud and see if the sentence structure affects the speed of the poem, or the thought of it.
 Highlight any words that are good uses of imagery, and try to think why.
 Look at the mood of the poem- is it sad, or happy, malevolent or with good intentions?
 See how the choice of words adds to the feeling of the poem.
 Do you think that the poem is effective, of not? If not why, if so why?

Answering questions:

Use words like, ‘I find...’ and, ‘I think...’

ALWAYS provide evidence to back yourself up and to support you answer!

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