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Visitors' Comments about:

The Beautiful Changes

Richard Wilbur

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Added by: Shawna J.
I love this poem. It is my favorite. I think it shows us how the smallest changes in life, the things most overlook, can be the most beautiful.
Added by: Megan
I think this poem is beautiful. It shows how when you are in love you notice all of the small, beautiful things in life. Even something as simple as a mantis on a leaf makes the biggest difference in our lives.
Added by: Lisa G.
I also think this is a very sweet and touching poem. I believe he's saying that anything beautiful will cause the things near it to be beautiful, and his lover is like this because she makes his life beautiful just by existing. The end of the poem confused me, but I interpreted it as saying all beautiful things are selfless because they have to be transformed in the process of transforming other things or something like that.

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