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Sonnet 2: When forty winters shall besiege thy brow

William Shakespeare

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You are too beautiful to not pass it on
Added by: Andy
Shakespeare is telling the young man that he has to options in life. Either the young man can keep his beauty to himself, until he is old, or he can have a child that would share some of the same qualities that he possesses. If you think about it, would you rather grow old and unremembered, or would your rather have a child worthy enough that you could pass on your beauty forever? Think about it!
Who is Shakespeare addressing?
Added by: Marlin
After reading the sonnet, one must question if shakespeare is even addressing the young man. If the young man doesn't exist, then Shakespeare is just expressing his own views on life. In ORDER to live on, he must have a child. In ORDER for this statement to be accurate, the sonnet would have had to be written before Shakespeare's children. Think about it!
Shakespeare--sonnet #2
Added by: Sherry Poff
I am now several winters past forty, and I can attest to the truth in Shakespeare's sentiment. It is a particular delight to me to see my children--who actually do resemble me--have success in any area. Specifically, I enjoy their physical beauty and vitality that is so natural to youth. Once you get older, you have to work at it a little more. I don't know how old Shakespeare was when he wrote this piece, but he had an ageless wisdom and understanding of human nature.

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