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Flee On Your Donkey

Anne Sexton

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Added by: Linnea
The beginning of this poem actually contains a quote from Rimbaud; "Ma faim, Anne, Anne, Fuis sur ton ane . . . "
Sexton was having a breakdown and about to enter hospital, when she reached into her pocket and pulled a note with this written on it - a quote from a poem by Rimbaud. This was the inspiration for the poem, "it's about hunger", Sexton is quoted as saying (in reference to the quote).

As many of her poems, this contains reference to the supposed sexual abuse Sexton suffered at the hands of her Father and her Nana. As she holds her cigarettes the way a child clutches a toy, she becomes a child again - Sexton often dreamed of being a child again and played a game called "Pretend we're 9" with her children. She felt that she wanted to go back to before the supposed abuse happened.
The mild white mouse is infact Sextons' Nana, who had both a positive and negative effect on Sextons' life.
Added by: Brandi
I did this poem for 4n6 in 10th grade. I have memorised this poem and i love it. I have to perform it every saturday. One of my all time fav.'s

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