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An Hymn To The Evening

Phillis Wheatley

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what i think
Added by: Jennifer Diaz
she's trying to show the beauty in everyting, and the meaning when it comes to things that are not everlasting, but everlasting in our hearts, and minds.
Added by: Bob Johnson
This poem is the worst poem I have ever read. It is pointless and retarded.
Phillis Wheatly's poem
Added by: Quinnesha Bradley
I feel that this poem was great. And how dare someone call it pointless. My question to you is, Did you acutually read it. This poem not only speaks of the beauty of eveything, but she talks of nature mainly the sun setting. This poem consists of metaphors and personification. It talks of the birds chirping in the mornings, the scent of the flowers, and how we all should wake up ready for a day's work. This poem is no where near pointless, but actually great with it's diction, writing stlye, and choice of words. And I, personally, love it.

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