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Visitors' Comments about:

Words, Wide Night

Carol Ann Duffy

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Added by: Lucy
This is my favourite poem. It's that bittersweet feeling when you are hopelessly in love with someone, but you're apart. I know it well.
Added by: Jo
I know the feeling of being far away from your love and Duffy illustrates it perfectly in this poem.
Added by: Emily
I think this poem is beautiful. I can relate to the thing she says about distances very well. I think that not only does she mean literal distance but emotional distance between two people. She says how she is: "singing
an impossible song of desire that you cannot hear.". This and the thing about distance really make me think of a relationship disintegrating.

i think it's beautiful.
Added by: Sue Stanford
As I search the net for poems by Carol Ann Duffy the day is beginning to fade here in Australia. Is England still yesterday? Exiled Chinese poets also looked up at the moon to fill their mind with the same light as was seen by absent friends. High up on screen containing "Words, Wide Night" "Congratulations" flashes like a moon on steriods for the booby who has won a prize. The poem itself has been viewed more than 6000 times since it was posted. I guess then the absent "you" will have seen it by now. Will that spoil the poem, I wonder? How the lyric poet enjoys the presence of an absence. This is what it means to be a "word". I hope CAD doesn't mind being plagiarised. I send her my regards if she looks up at the sky.

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