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Carol Ann Duffy

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Added by: ellie
This is a great poem for a Valentine who doesn't like slushy stuff.
Valentine - Carol Ann Duffy
Added by: anastasia
A cynical poem with a misleading title - Valentine has associations of romance, love. Duffy uses images of conventional tokens of affection (e.g. red rose, cute card, satin heart) ironically and contrasts this with an 'onion' - a new unique symbol honest representation of love. the poet compares the onion's physical resemblance to a 'moon' - another image which is associated with love songs and sexuality. language is concise, to the point and brief- an effective technique. Duffy tries to be 'truthful', admitting that love, AND the onion, will 'blind you with tears like a lover'- 'its fierce kiss will stay on your lips'.
Added by: Missy
if you thik about it it is a very good representaion of relationships!!! almost identical!
Added by: Jo
I feel that Duffy manages to convey, what some would feel to be, a brutally honest opinion of love. What other author would dare to be so truthful and in such a a frank way. This poem is by far better than the typical love sonnet you would expect to have read on seeing the title.
Added by: carly dunstan
great poem puts things in perspective
Added by: eliza
one can see that Duffy uses a combination of negative and positive language, as the potential failure of affection for love is considered
Added by: Rosa
I liked the poem very much.it seems that Duffy is against marriage life because she thinks marriage makes love "shrink".
Added by: carly and abz
carol ann duffy shows alot of emotion and feeling that relates to the new age women. throughout her worlds wife book her poems are very controversial and show how women feel now and have done in the past, but have not stood up and spoke out!
Added by: Frankie
Outstanding, comes together brilliantly and is so true!!
Added by: disillusioned
Doesn't anyone get tired of forcing GCSE students to read Duffy and Armitage's hackneyed hyperbole about how hard it is to grow up, year after dated year? Give me Clare Pollard for authentic teenage angst any day!

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