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Carol Ann Duffy

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Added by: Matthew Dunn
This poem, even though it is short must be complex, I think it needs to be read a few times before you can understand all the layers of this poem. I think that it's about the fear of your own sub-concious mind. It is the idea of knowing all your repressed memories and this 'man' on the 'tightrope' could be yourself within your sub-concious mind, and if you reach the other side it means you rember what is there and if you fall you don't. It could also be about dreaming, the 'space between our thoughts' could be dreams. And it may be nightmare that you want to wake up from and the 'man on the tightrope' represents the dream itself tryng to end but not stop hal way through, and this is why Carol Ann Duffy says you want him to fall, because if he falls, then you wake up.
human reaction
Added by: erdem
Both of the poems Talent by Carol Ann Duffy and Performer by Elizabeth Jennings, point out a weakness in human nature with using the image of a tightrope walker. Though one directs the idea from the point of the tightrope walker, something from the audience, both poems draw that a desire for excitement can often lead to evil and destructive human reaction.(ERDEM)

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