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The Soughing Wind

William Carlos Williams

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Added by: Peter J. Ward
This poem thrives in its own simplicty. We see Williams comparing life to the seasons and to the trees. Longevity of live has always been a mystery to humans. Just as mysterious to why some leaves hang on till the end, and some that fall, unexplicably, before any sort of hint of the “end” is even upon them. It is beautiful the way Williams describes death as a “tale of winter branches.” It is also fasenating how he did so in just three lines. Such a bounty of poetry and meaninfulness in three short lines
Added by: manasa Grandhi
this poem was very nice, it wasn't a rhyming poem though(thats what i liked). People always think that poems should rhyme, but this poem was a descriptive poem. I felt as if I was in the poem while William Carlos Willams was writing it.

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