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The Crowd At The Ball Game

William Carlos Williams

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Added by: Nicky Bourque
The poem is one of Williams' finest. It documents in all of its splendor and terror, (though these might be connected) the unnerving violence of a large crowd. The poem brings to immediate experience something we are seldom aware of, and his words are short, subversively disturbing, and deft. Often overlooked in his work, it remains one of my favourite of any poet.
WCW's is so simple its hard
Added by: CATE
William Carlos Williams paritcular poem, THE CROWD AT THE BALLGAME, is so simple it is overanalyzed sometimes. It is not hard to visualize what he says because he gets right to the point and many people can't understand that. His work, more often literal than symbolic, is exactly what needs to be taught in schools. I love intricate work but, this style is often overlooked and many people just can't comprehend....don't look for something that's not there!

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