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One Wants A Teller In A Time Like This

Gwendolyn Brooks

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Added by: Lizz
Brooks gives an extreme point of view when stating this poem. In my opinion she is saying that one must wait for the good in life to return to us in order to have a good life... that's just my opinion
Added by: Samantha
I think this poem means that a person wants someone who is going to tell them what to do. As in a mother. A mother tells a child to put on a coat because it's cold outside and she doesn't want the child to get sick. Well, the mother has been there and done that. So she is the "teller" for the smaller child. Another good example would be a preacher. He/she tells us what ever they believe in. They've been to school, they know what they are teaching. So therefore, they would be the "teller" for everyone in a religious factor.

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