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Ode To The Onion

Pablo Neruda

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da world
Added by: Daniel Hernandez
this poem is a great poem. it speaks about how the onion is born just like how poeple are born. It tells us the looks of pablo to the onion. he must love the onion. just the way i feel about my beans. i like my beans because of the way they are shape and because is in my heritage. is in my heritage because i'am MEXICAN BUT i was born in San Jose California and raised in Morgan Hill cal. is just ten minutes south of san jose. weell kool poem see ya.
Added by: Steve
well the onion can be compared to many things, a person rsising. but it's not that pablo loved the onion, he was a painting a poetic potrait. neruda's skill is demonstrated in that he can take an ordinary thing (onion), and make it seem to us for a moment it is the most beautiful thing of all. meanwhile, beauty can be found in anything.

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