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If Thou Could'st Empty All Thyself Of Self

Sir Thomas Browne

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Added by: dumb yankee
This has to be my favorite poem about Hermit Crabs!
Added by: Sharon
This is not about Hermit Crabs! The shells are metaphors!

Look at these lines: "If thou could'st empty all thyself of self,/ Like to a shell dishabited/." The use of the word "like" signals a comparision is coming next. The rest of the poem builds on that comparrison.
Added by: Alexander
Lately on the site dedicated to Thomas Browne i read about this poem - author of article said it was written by some T.E.Brown, poet of (if im not mistaken) 19th century -so...
Added by: Anna
This is my favorite poem ever! It has such a great meaning behind it! I have it pinned on my bulliten board, on my binder, ect...
Authorship of Poem
Added by: Elizabeth Curry
Thanks to 'Alexander' for the info about the real author of this poem - I'd been trying to find this poem in Sir Thomas Browne's works and couldn't, and was beginning to wonder if Madeleine L'Engle (in whose novel 'Meet the Austins' I found it) had made it up. Sorry for submitting it attached to the wrong poet!

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