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Red Roses

Anne Sexton

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Capturing the Feelings
Added by: Susan, a Fairy Godmother
I first encountered this poem 20 years ago, and it still haunts me with every Tommy I meet. She captures the essense of child abuse, especially from (for?) the child. Every child needs love/attention, and will accept it in any form s/he can get it.

"For he loves Blue Lady and the spots
of red roses he gives her"

If the only attention a child can get is pain, pain becomes love.
Red Roses-Anne Sexton
Added by: sweetpea
This poem gave me goosebumps! I loved the poem and how it shows the realism of child abuse and how it can cause serious harm. The child has never felt anything other than pain from his mother so he starts to feel this as love. I was truly touched by this poem.
Added by: nee
worth noting; anne occasionally abused her children.
Added by: Alexis
Anne Sexton's writings couldn't be more straightforward. sure, this poem conveys a relatively insightful view of child abuse, but i must say, Sylvia Plath OWNS sexton. Ha. No wonder she was so jealous of her.

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