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The Embrace

Mark Doty

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The Embrace
Added by: Shaun
This poem is so beautiful. For me, The Embrace is what love symbolizes- the idea of loss not controlling you, but letting your love take control over your loss. When I saw Mark Doty, I wanted to ask him a question about this poem, but I didn't know what to say. Mainly I just wanted to know if he cried the first time he read it aloud, the way everyone else who reads it does. Then I realized that's a silly question, because if he did cry, it would be along the whole time he wrote it. Also, this poem is written after grief, so of course he was emotional.
Still, this poem makes me want the kind of love Mark and Wally had- and that's a lot of power for just one poem.
mark doty - the embrace
Added by: pat labelle
I wonder if many people have had such a dream as this.

Mark was astonished at the number of people who said they had experienced the same kind of dream themselves.

The certainty that this was only a dream and yet the eagerness to participate in it.

To experience it and remember it all, to record it knowing this would be the only contact you might ever have with this loved one.

The utter peace of leaning your head on the sholder of the lost love, the familliar sholder that you know in your mind is no longer of this earth.

But in your heart it is as solid as it ever was. Your one last chance to experience the whole, entire person.

What a gift! I wonder if it cost that dear one something to return in the dream. I hope not. I hope it was as beautiful a goodby for him as it was for me.

Thank you dear soul. I hope with all my heart there will be some future meeting, but for now, I'll hold you fast in your midnight visitation.

Until we meet again. Thank you Mark. I'll never forget your sweet poem. Pat.

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