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Sonnet 133: Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan

William Shakespeare

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Sonnet 133: Exegesis
Added by: Chris Diamanti
The author curses Shaksper for assuming his literary identity, which has made the author a slave, to receive no credit for his work. The name of William Shakespeare is founded upon this slavery. Simply by accepting the role of front man, Shaksper has taken the author's most personal self away FROM him. The 'next self' in line five is the literary persona of William Shakespeare, which Shaksper has taken captive. The author is denied existence by his own literary identity, and therefore by himself, and also by his front man. Shaksper is thought to feel what the author feels, but the author, by being enabled to express what he wishes through a blind, is thereby granted freedom. Yet again, his every expression is mistaken for Shasper's, and is therefore false, not true, nor free.

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