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Richard Brautigan

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Added by: gregoire
the tea ceremony which brautigan knew from his experience with japan is here a coffee ceremony.it is supposed to be extremly ritualized but brautigan made it look casual by reversing all the traditional parameters of the ceremony (he has to make the coffee himself for instance).
Added by: Peyton Fahrquar
I'm curious to know how Brautigan's experiences in Japan starting in 1976 affected this work which was first published in 1971.
Added by: max_d
it seems to me that the concept of wandering from house to house in search of coffee is a metaphor for relationships. condensing things down significantly, using a common idea to express things.
Added by: genna
don't you love to put stupid people in their place. don't find meaning where there is none, because for the most part i think he just wrote whatever he felt lk writing.
Added by: ellie_P
Another interpretation for the cup of coffee -- very coyly contained in the last two lines of the poem -- is that you can have love in the form of sex/ romantic love any time (especially in a man's sping), but it takes a lot more and a deeper kind of love (as in real intimacy and real relationships, for which you need maturity and time) to share a cup of coffee with some one.

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